Databases not being recognised as created


Baserow, self-hosted, Linux VPS.

What I did

I created a bunch of databases for a data visualisation project which I am undertaking. It looks good!

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I also:

Created a database user with a token and verified that this user had access to all the “child” databases in the cluster (ie, the token successfully inherited).

Expected behavior

Created user should be able to access any of the databases he has privilege to by connecting with public URL + user + token (as pw).

Actual behavior

Default user (baserow) is able to connect to the database sever, but none of the databases that were created in Baserow seem to have been created (in dBeaver, I’m using the “show all databases” option).

(ETA: Can’t post image, removing. Image shows that there were 2 databases on the remote server: ‘baserow’ and ‘postgres’ but no sign of those I created in the UI)

Perhaps I’m missing something in the intended functionality. Are the databases you create intended to be PostgreSQL databases that can be externally accessed?

If so, are there any steps I might have missed that might be preventing the created DBs from populating on the PostgreSQL server?

As a workaround to the image restrictions:


Hi @danielrosehill

Baserow connects to one PostgreSQL database and all created “Baserow databases” are handled as an internal structure within that one Postgres db.