Date field filter for "before X months ago"

Use case: I have a list of rows in a table. Each row has a:

  • LastUpdated field in that table (“Last modified” data type) - indicating when the row was last updated/commented
  • a ‘tag’ field (single choice) indicating whether it’s “open” (pending) or “closed” (completed)

Stale rows are defined as rows that were last updated more than six months ago and are still “open”. I want a view to list all the stale issues in that table.

Feature request: For the above, I need a filter such as “LastUpdated → is older than X months → six months ago”.

We already have “is months ago” (which only gives an exact match) and “is before date” (which only accepts static dates). So I need a combination of them both → “is before X months ago”.

Hello @gaurangtandon, thanks for sharing your feature idea. I’ll make sure to discuss it with the team :ok_hand:

I was just looking for this same feature tonight to create a filtered view of records that have not been interacted with in 60 days or older.

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Hello @gaurangtandon @pnwwebworks, good news, we’ll add the date filter “X months ago” together with “X weeks ago”. Here’s the issue to track the progress: Introduce date filters 'X months ago' and 'X weeks ago' (#1612) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.