Dates all went backwards one day?

Hi everyone,
It seems that all my date fields have traveled back in time one day (so a date that used to say Oct 23 1955 now says Oct 22 1955). Any suggestions on why this might have happened so I can avoid doing it in the future? Would there be any way to bulk move the dates forward? I am not using any times and it did not seem to happen in my other table (they are not linked). Apologies if this has already been covered, I did not see anything in the forums but was not sure of the best way to search for the issue.
Thank you!

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Interesting… never heard or experienced this before. Are you self-hosting?

No, just the Baserow SaaS online version.

It is strange - I had initially assumed it was just my own user error in a few different records before I noticed it had happened to every one (it is a historical legal database so there is the calendar “date” field as well as several other places where the date is written out as a title or in a citation)

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Hey there @archaeoceti

There is a way to bulk-update the records, but only via API. Do you have the technical background to access our API?