Probably missing functionality on the list, hope not.

If missing functionality, is there any trick to remove the zeros that come in front of a day?

1st of may with MM.DD formatting becomes:

1st of May with M.D formatting becomes:

Where are you missing this functionality exactly? Do you mean that you want to use a different date format compared to the ones we offer via the web-frontend (US, EU and ISO), via a formula or via the API?

Yes I want to use a date format different from what you offer via a formula. Currently there is the MM.DD available that shows the zeros. Within Airtable there’s the M.D. formatting that shows it without the zeros.

Should I make a request on Github for this?

Makes sense! It would be great if you can make an issue on GitLab for this.

@360Creators you can already use our datetime _format function to do this, apologizies for it’s lack of documentation explaining this. Our datetime _format is just a thin wrapper around the postgresql function where you can see all the different supported values for the format string: PostgreSQL: Documentation: 15: 9.8. Data Type Formatting Functions .

So to achieve what you want here I can see on the link above you can do

datetime_format(field('date'), 'FMMM.FMDD')

So what i’ve done is prepend each “MM” and “DD” with “FM” which is a modifier that postgres offers to strip the leading zeros:

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Thank you very much, works! :grin: