Default view per user and table

Hi, I would like to set a default view for a table when switching between tables. Example: I created a personal view (with customized fields visible/hidden, sorting, filtering, etc.), but whenever I go to another table and back, it always uses the first of collaborative views so I have to go and choose my personal view again and again, every time when I switch between tables.

Would it be possible to have the option (unique for every user logged it) to set the default view for every table? I think it could be selectable via three dots at the right side of the view - just a simple checkbox called “set as default view”.

Hey @marcus, thank you for the great suggestion! I’ll definitely bring it up with the team :raised_hands:

Hello @marcus, your feature idea has been accepted, and we will implement it as you suggested. Thank you for your involvement :heart_hands:

Thank you. I believe, this can be very useful, especially when more people are working in collaboration with the same table simultaneously. So every user can set his own filters and sorting configuration, as well as columns.