Delete/replace files using the API

Hi there,

Just testing baserow as we are currectly on Airtable, but want to cut some costs.
We have an integration with our mediabank, but i dont see in the API documentation how to delete a file. or to locate what files that do not have a relation to a row, so we can remove them
unused files?

In Airtable the logic is a bit more simpel, as i upload a file to a row, and when i replace the file in that row, it removes the file from the database. Iam seeking the same logic in baserow, but as we need to first upload a file, and then attach the file, i dont see how update and delete works.

Hi @Thomasqqq, that’s an excellent question. Currently, if a file is removed from a row, it won’t be deleted. We have an issue on the backlog to address this. You can find it here: Clean orphan user files periodically (#1011) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab. It helps to give an update for the planning.

Hi Bram,

Thanks for the quick reply! i see there is alot of tickets in queue for development, and i look forward to this cleaning job :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! There is indeed a lot to do. If you know people that would be a good fit for this position, then it would help a lot Senior Full Stack Developer // Baserow.