Detecting from which view a record was created


I want to create an automation where certain fields get a value depending on the view from which the new record was created.

For example: If the record is generated from a Calendar view that only shows certain customers, the customer should be inserted by default.

Is this possible through some work-around? Because the repsonse data of an inserted record does not mention the view from where it was created.

This would be a very helpful feature. To my knowledge, this meta information isn’t surfaced. If it were implemented, I imagine it would come in the form of an extension to the webhook feature.

Right now you could trigger webhooks when a record was created in a table, but it doesn’t tell you who created it or the context in which it was created.

Airtable’s webhook feature provides some source metadata, but still not quite the view id from which the record was created (unless it was created via form).

I’d love to see more metadata included in Baserow’s webhook response, including the view id if applicable

Hello @frederikdc and @kamille_parks :wave:

I checked with the team, and it seems that it wouldn’t be possible to determine from which view a row was created. From a technical perspective, it doesn’t work this way.

However, I’ll submit a feature request to add more metadata in Baserow’s webhook response, so we’ll discuss what we can improve here.

Hi @olgatrykush ,

It would be nice to have the url that triggered the webhook as metadata. Since the id of the view is always the last part of a url in a Baserow view, this information is enough to detect from which view it was triggered.