Different email to receive notifications from Baserow

Hello guys!

Problem Statement
One of the biggest problems with email login, is that email is heavily used in marketing or spamming. In many cases, there are companies that somehow get our emails to use in marketing and spam.

Who will benefit?
Users, Baserow community, enterprise/free plan in Baserow

Benefits and risks
I will list in this topic a list of good and bad things.


  • greater privacy and security in Baserow login


  • a resource that can be complex to make or manage
  • maybe not good for the user

Proposed solution
I wonder if I could have a different email to receive notifications from Baserow for greater security.

Optional suggestions:
1. Things like GitHub, Gitlab, “Financial Banks” have this feature.
2. An alternative to this would be to have a hardware key for login, something like webauth, pynostr, RSA or 2FA/MFA. In that case, email login becomes unnecessary. Unless you consider increasing the step to prevent account spam.
3. Here is the “prototype”, “ui(user interface)”, “mvp(minimal value product)” or “poc(prof of concept)” for a better visualization of my idea. The images are illustrative and the license is public for the Baserow community.

img before

img after

No, it is currently not possible. However, I will discuss the request with the team. :raised_hands:

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Hello @anon59363363, do you have any examples of tools that offer the option to add a different email address to receive notifications?