Different Member Rights

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I was wondering if a feature, which would allow the Admin to give different rights to different members is planned?

So at the moment, members of my workspace can either be an admin or a normal member, and the only difference (from what I see) is that members can not invite new members or change admin rights. However, we would find it incredibly useful if we could further change those member rights. For example, we would like to give certain members access to only certain databases. Or we would like to allow certain members to edit stuff, but other members to only see all the tables (with filters and hidden fields included) and so on. Is a feature like this already planned or do you plan to tackle this by having different workspaces for different members of your team?

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Hello @TomBo, sorry for the delay with the response. The functionality you described will be available very soon (end of October — beginning of November) as the development team is currently working on the role-based access control features. Role-based access control refers to the idea of assigning permissions to users based on their role within an organisation.

Would you like being notified once the functionality is available?

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Looking forward to seeing this feature in production :rocket:


Hello @olgatrykush that sounds amazing! Do you already know if this function will be available for self hosting in the basic version? or will the premium version be needed?

And yes please notify me, when the function is available, although I also check your YouTube channel regularly to stay ahead of all the new features. Thanks for the great work!

Hello @TomBo! I have some news: role-based access control was released! The feature is part of Baserow Enterprise which is available to self-hosters. On Baserow.io the Advanced plan now comes with RBAC too :raised_hands:

Hello @olgatrykush ,

Thanks for the great news! We are currently self hosting the free version of Baserow within cloudron. Will we have access to these features there aswell, or are those part of the premium plan?

Thanks for the updates and kind regards ! :slight_smile:

Hey @TomBo, RBAC is available as an Enterprise feature, and to get it you need to reach out to our sales via the contact sales form at the top of website. SAAS users can access RBAC by having the Advanced plan.