Django.request.log_response:230- Bad Request: /api/user/token-auth/

I have installed Baserow following docker-compose guide.
OS is Ubuntu 20.04.

I put the project in the folder

All ok, except that I cannot login.

The log shows
backend_1 | WARNING 2022-05-21 12:46:12,494 django.request.log_response:230- Bad Request: /api/user/token-auth/

The content of my .env file is :

For I’m not a Python programmer, I have some difficult understanding the issue.

Thanks for any help!

I forgot to say that I’m speaking of the superuser I tried to create with the command “createsuperuser”.


OK, I got the point.
For I didn’t understand that the first user (via web interface) become a superuser,
before anything else I tried to configurate superuser with the cli command “createsuperuser”.
The command didn’t work, but the user number 1 was created.
So any subsequent “web-user” was a normal user.
Reinstalling from zero, fixed the situation :+1:

Maybe in the installation guide would be useful to indicate that first user is admin.

Hello @Baserow_rookie :wave:

This is a good point! In Baserow 1.11 we’re going to change the first-time installation experience, so the confusion around the user roles during sign-up should be resolved.