Do I need accounts for external users

I am considering Baserow as an alternative to Airtable and would be cloud hosting initially but might self host eventually.

We have around 20 users who would need accounts, but we would want to provide access to around 1500 clients in time. We need to authenticate those clients to be able to provide them with personalised views, but a premium account at $5/user/month would make it unafforable. It’s more unaffordable on Airtable too, but we could use something like Softr to eliminate that /user cost.

How would the Baserow pricing resolve this? Would self-hosting eliminate this cost? We’re a non-profit so there is very little money.

Hello @bitstreams_red, welcome to the Baserow community! :wave:

For your use case, I’d say that the Advanced/Enterprise plan would be the best fit. With this plan, you’ll have role-based access control, where you can assign builder/editor roles to 20 of your main users and viewer/commenter roles to 1500 users. Would it work for your use case?

Overall, the Advanced/Enterprise plan is more expensive, but you’ll only pay for Editor, Builder, or Admin roles. Workspace collaborators with read-only roles, including Commenter, Viewer, No Access, and No Role, are classified as non-billable and are completely free. Check out all the details who is considered a “user” for billing purposes here: Subscriptions overview // Baserow.

To get pricing for Enterprise, you need to contact the sales team, here.