Docs note: Row update can use the field ID to reference fields

Just a note from my experience - I was happy to figure out the row update API can accept the canonical field_N names to reference columns if you don’t use the user_field_names parameter. This wasn’t immediately clear to me from the API docs / examples but was a welcome capability since I’m trying only use the canonical field names to reference columns in my application.

(technically I use a Python Enum to hide them behind my own friendly names like

class SometableFields(Enum):
    NAME = field_123
    URL  = field_124

url = row[SometableFields.URL.value]

Hello @music_scene_city, thanks for sharing this useful insight!

I moved your topic to the newly created category Tips&Tricks, hope you don’t mind :sweat_smile:

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This information is in the API docs, e.g. Baserow API spec.

What documentation did you consult before?

I was looking at the generated API docs for my group:

I agree that the source you linked to is much more informative and I think it would be helpful if that same information could be reflected in the generated docs. I’ve only seen the docs you reference once after searching for information about file uploads - it might also be helpful to link to these more official docs from the Introduction section in the generated docs.

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FWIW I think dropping a link into the Introduction section would help some users like me be aware of the full specification docs:


Yeah probably a good idea. The generated docs are a bit simplified, not providing full documentation, but they try to present things in more beginner/user-friendly way.