Double click to edit lines in Baserow

I would just double click on any line and edit

That is already possible. Did you try it before asking?

I’m using mozilla firefox and it doesn’t work - do i open call in gitlab for this software error?


  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • mozilla firefox version 100.0.2 (64-bit)

Just tested it in Firefox and it is working for me. I use Brave based on Chrome on a daily basis and that is working also.


Can you show what kind of field you are double clicking in that doesn’t work?

Since it is already possible i changed your category to Feedback.

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thank you for feedback ;D

@Peter my mozilla firefox is


You didn’t answer this. Maybe post an screenshot of your table you are working in.

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Can you show what kind of field you are double clicking in that doesn’t work?

@Peter here!



  1. I try to click on the line and it doesn’t edit
  2. When I recorded the screen did not appear the mouse icon

This is with Brave

Peek 2022-05-22 11-37

This is with FireFox
Peek 2022-05-22 11-39

Did you double click or single click? You have to double click. And i see you are also right clicking on the field because of the content menu that is visible.

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I clicked twice and it didn’t work as I said

Could it be that you are not clicking fast enough?

I also can’t replicate the issue. Firefox v100.0.2 (64-bit).

Have you taken a look at your extensions at all? It’s possible that some may be blocking something on the page.

I have uBlock Origin and there’s never been any interference with Baserow, but since it’s possible to customize your settings on a per-domain basis, maybe something’s configured there.

I have found that on my Chrome browser double clicks must be much faster than usual for Baserow to recognize them. Is there a way to adjust the time between clicks?

Hey @RichardC, it works well for us. If we receive any further complaints about this action, we will conduct additional testings. :raised_hands: