Doubt with public views

Hi guys!

Is there a (relatively simple) way to make a public view editable? And is there a way to apply filters from the public view URL? That way we won’t have to create different views to apply only a small modification to the filters.

If it can’t, it would be great if it could be done in future updates :smile:


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Hey there :slight_smile:

Is there a (relatively simple) way to make a public view editable?

We have just released an RBAC (role based access control) feature for Baserow that allows you to define more specific roles for users and in the next iteration will probably also allow you to define permissions on a per-table level.

That should roughly mimic what you are trying to do, except that the user editing would need to be part of your workspace, and not just have a link that they can click on.

And is there a way to apply filters from the public view URL?

I assume you mean filters that aren’t applied to your internal view but are applied to the external view but not by the external viewer themselves but by the owner of the view and therefore not reversible by the viewer?

That does not exist at the moment, a viewer can add their own temporary filters and you can filter on your view before you share it, there isn’t such a thing as a “per shared view filter”.

Hi Alex,

Thank you so much for your answer.

The option of filters in the URL is an option that Airtable has and that works very well, in my company we use it. It is a simple way to create an iframe of the database or of a specific view but applying some filters (apart from those of the view) in the URL itself. It’s very nice.

But above all, I think it would be interesting (and an option that many people would really use and that Airtable does not have) the option to include here

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an option to activate the edition and that this public view can be modified without the need to have an account.
Many people use Airtable or Baserow to display data in their application or backoffice and for our use case, it would be necessary that some view can be modified from the public view.
My tech team is trying to create this feature by working on Baserow’s code. I really think it would be something more people would use and be native to Baserow.

Greetings and thanks for your answer :smiley:

Hey :slight_smile:

The use case you are describing to me makes sense. People can already add data to your database via forms, but you are probably already aware of that? This feature would go beyond that such that people can not only create new rows but also edit existing rows.

It’s an interesting idea, @olgatrykush you could add it to the list and we can discuss it tomorrow internally?

Sure thing @Alex, added :ok_hand:

Thank you both very much for considering the idea. I’m excited to see the future of Baserow which is sure to be something very big. :grinning: