Download files attached to a file type field

What is the proper way to download all the documents attached to a specific table ?
I’m using the self-hosted configuration.

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Hi @Nicolas,

I think the easiest way, given you can program, is to use the HTTP API to get all the table rows, grab the image URLs and download them with an http client.

I am not aware of any UI way to achieve the same without individually going through all the rows and downloading images manually.

Hi @petrs, I missed that in the response json…
Something odd : when using these urls on a newly opened browser (no session in cache) I can access the file. Shouldn’t it require a user authentification before showing the document ?

The files are not behind a login, similarly to any other Django website/app serving user files typically from optimized static file hosting/S3/CDN. At least this is how it works now.

Interesting, I didn’t know that.