Download Snapshots from Baserow hosted instance

I am using a Baserow hosted instance and am wondering if it is possible to download snapshots and then upload them to restore a database?

With the subscription I have I can only save two snapshots between the different databases I have. I would like to create a snapshot and download it locally.

Is there a way to save and restore the columns in a table without the data? That way I could create a table and then upload a CSV containing the data.

Hey @Troy! Currently, when creating a snapshot, you can only make complete copies of a database. And yes, snapshots allow you to restore a database to a specific point in time. You can have a maximum of 2 snapshots per workspace in all plans.

Is there a way to download snapshots locally and upload snapshots?

2 snapshots per workspace is quite limiting when there are more than 2 databases per workspace.

Hey @Troy, currently, it’s not possible to download screenshots. But I will discuss this with the team, along with the possibility of increasing the number of snapshots per workspace. I’ll keep you posted! :raised_hands:

If I could download/upload snapshots, two per workspace would be fine.

Hey @Troy, I’ve checked the request for downloading snapshots with the team. It will be possible once we implement this feature: Add context menu button and associated modal to export an application to downloadable ZIP (#1896) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab (it’s pretty high on the list). :slightly_smiling_face: