Duplicate Column

Sometimes I just want to create the same type of column and only tweak the column title, or some of it’s configuration.

This should duplicate the column type and options, but not the data in the rows.

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Hey-hey @Teferi, this feature is also in our roadmap. We will try our best to make it live in Baserow 1.11, but we cannot guarantee that as we have a pretty big list of features and issues to be done. I’ll keep you updated :grin:


This is great & really a needed feature.

we also have the need to duplicate columns, but with the content, not just the title and field type. From one table to the same table, but also to another table, in the same database or not. And of course, to select a whole column, if the number of row is large, we should not do it by dragging the mouse from the first to the last line of the column, we need a way to select the whole column in one click, as in Calc or Excel (see Implement paste (the other friend of copy/paste) and the ability to select an entire line in one click - #6 by Vincent for a discussion on the multiple selection of row with click CTRL+click and SHIFT+click)

Hey-hey @Teferi, @Vincent, @moonday. The feature — duplication of fields is live! To duplicate a field, you need to click on the arrow next to the field name and select the duplicate field option from the dropdown.

@Vincent The possibility to duplicate a field and copy data will be implemented soon. I’ll notify you once it’s ready :ok_hand:

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