Duplicate Table

It would be great to have a “duplicate table” feature, with optional “copy data to new table.” The other day I made a table template of my own the format of which I wanted to duplicate to another table. I could not find a way to do it, even in the API. Thanks.


Hello @preahkumpii! Good news: duplication of databases, tables, and fields is already in the roadmap and is planned for release 1.11. Probably, this or next week we’ll release Baserow 1.10, so quite soon the duplication features will be available :grinning:


Great. Sorry I over looked that.

@olgatrykush @preahkumpii Hi! How are you guys?

I was going to request this today, I even created a graphical interface… here



Hey @anon7289648! I can confirm that we do have this feature on the roadmap :blue_heart:


What about duplicating the whole base?

Hey @mahmouds12! Them too! You will be able to duplicate databases, tables, and fields :smile:

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Hello @olgatrykush and all,

it’s a great news that the next (1.11) version of baserow will include table and database duplication, because we badly need this too :wink:

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To precise our needs : it could be useful that we could duplicate a table or database also in another goup

Hey @Vincent, one workaround you could implement in the meantime while the duplication features ship is to export the table that you’d want to duplicate, then import it into another workspace.

It’s a little more work, but it does the trick. :slight_smile:

Hello @preahkumpii, @mahmouds12, @anon7289648, @Vincent. I have great news, duplication of databases, and tables are released.

Test out the updates and feel free to share your feedback afterwards, we would love to know your thoughts on all new features :blue_heart: