Dynamic form or survey- need some orientation

I’m new to Baserow and need some guidance on how to approach generating a survey or a form dynamically.

Say I have a Question table with lists of questions: text (the question to ask) each with a unique qid. I have a Questionnaire table with a subset of question ids (qid). I have an Answers table.
I want to generate a form or survey for users to answer only the questions in the Questionnaire table. The form should therefore display the question texts corresponding to the qids it has, and store the answers.

Question has qid=1, text=“dog color” and qid=2, text=“cat color”, and others rows (ignored)
Questionnaire has two rows: qid=1, qid=2.
The form (or survey, I don’t know the difference yet) should display:

  • dog color: [ ]
  • car color: [ ]

and answers stored in Answers.

I’m sure this can be done, but I have no idea how. I’m fine doing some programming if required. I’ll appreciate any hints to orient myself!

Hello @olivierg, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Apologies for not getting back to you earlier. Baserow forms are automatically built from your current table. This means that each submission received via a form will show up as a new record at the bottom of a grid view of the current table.

Create a form from the table ‘Questionnaire’, and all submissions you’ll get will be stored in this table.

Does this answer your question? I’m not sure I fully understood your request, so feel free to ask follow-up questions :face_with_peeking_eye:

I think the main issue here is that @olivierg is trying to construct a form based on Data that is in a table, not based on fields in a table.

That is not possible with Baserow at the moment.

Maybe it can be done in conjunction with some workflow automation tool (n8n, make, zappier (…)). But you would for sure need to create new forms any time the content of the form changes (meaning there would be a new unique URL).

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Hello @Alex, thanks for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

In this case, we can ask @joffcom for a piece of advice. Jonathan, can it be done with automation?

Hey Hey,

Nothing I can think off at the moment, It sounds like it would be a solid request for the next iteration of the forms feature though.

I guess if you wanted a crazy solution you could read the data from Baserow and use something like Make / Zapier / n8n to build the HTML to display then capture the response and save it back to Baserow.

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Thanks @olgatrykush @Alex and joffcom! I should have formulated a simpler request first, like having a form use a lookup from another table (id, question, answer). (How does i18n work?)
But for now I will generate hardcoded questionnaires, as it’s for a prototype/MVP.
Thanks again!

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