Easy encoding of a postal address: Is auto-completion of fields based on a restricted selection based on the value of another field possible?

I have a table containing all the cities of a country, and a table containing all the streets of each city of this country.

I have a table with people where I have to encode their postal address (city+street+no) but I would like that when I type the start of the name of the city name, baserow autocomplete the city, then more importantly, when I type the beginning of the street name, baserow autocompletes the street but only by offering me street names from that city.

Is it possible ? :thinking:
And if yes, how ?
And if not, how should baserow be improved to make it work?
And will this be possible in the future?

Thank you in advance for your ideas ! :smiley:

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Hey @Vincent, auto-completion of fields is not supported in Baserow yet, but it sounds like a great idea. We’ll discuss this functionality with the team and I’ll update you with the decision afterward. Thank you for suggesting a lot of features, that means you’re actively testing Baserow and that’s cool! We appreciate your involvement and openness with us :handshake:

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Hello, thank you @olgatrykush for your answer, but I realize that I expressed my request badly: the autocompletion aspect is secondary, what I would especially like to highlight is the fact of displaying only one subset of data based on the value of another field.

For example, to choose a person’s address, in the person table, the “City” column could be a “link to table” field to another table containing all possible cities (that’s what I called autocompletion here, being able to search for a value in a predefined list, here in a field of another table). This is already possible now with baserow. But for the choice of the street, what I would like is that the “Street” column is also a “link to table” field to another table which would contain all the streets of the different cities, but that the linked table in which we search the street only shows the existing streets in the city that I selected beforehand in the previous field.

To try to be more clear, to express it in sql for example, it would be something like this :

  • for the “City” column “link to table” type : select city from table adresses
  • for the “Street” column “link to table” type : select street from table adresses where city=XXX (the name of the city already chosen)

Hey @Vincent, now I got what you meant, thanks for the detailed explanation! That’s an interesting case, I was tinkering with it a bit :sweat_smile:

You can use the ‘Lookup’ field type to show off the addresses that are linked to the row ‘City’. That’s the way you can at least display addresses that are sorted by cities, but it’s not the best solution because you’ll get all addresses linked to each city displayed. I’m not sure we have a solution that will fit your exact needs now in Baserow, but I’ll ask other team members if they have any ideas on this.

Hey @Vincent, I’ve finally discussed this topic with the team — your case is very very specific, and, unfortunately, there is no solution to display only one subset of data based on the value of another field in Baserow. I can confirm that we do plan to add the auto-completion of fields, but with its common functionality. Maybe we’ll come up with the right solution for your particular request in the future, but we need more use cases to understand how and what we can do here.

We promise to keep in mind this interesting scenario :face_with_monocle: