Edit results of a field

I have a simple table with Last Name, First Name and Middle Initial. I wrote the following formula to pull the first letter out of each field to suggest a ID

concat(left(field(‘First Name’),1),left(field(‘Middle Initial’),1))+(left(field(‘Last Name’),1))

It works like I want. However, there will be times when the suggested ID won’t be used and I would like the user to be able to type in their own. Is that possible?


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You can solve this with an additional field:

  1. Suggested ID: Is the field that you already have and suggests an ID
  2. Manual ID: Is a single line text field where you can manually enter an ID
    3.ID: Is a formula field that checks if Manual ID has a value. If yes, it shows the content of Manual ID, otherwise the content of Suggested ID. You can use the if() function for this.