Edited Row Re-Sorts Incorrectly

(First, a quick note that I am self-hosting Baserow.)

Frequently, when I edit a row in the field that is used to sort, that row re-sorts to a slightly different place in the list, often an incorrect place. This happens even when I don’t actually edit anything in the cell (for example, I just hit “Enter” into the cell and then click out of it). Sometimes I can edit that row again, and it will shift again.

I would expect the row to stay in the same place, unless I change the cell value to something that would sort to a different place.

Has anyone else seen this?

A screenshot is attached of what it looks like. In this cell, I had just hit “Enter”, and then the row immediately highlights orange and says “Row has moved” even before I start editing anything. When I click out of the cell, it moves it to a slightly different position in the sort.

Thank you for your help!


Hey @stevenrouk,

I ran into this message the other day and just assumed it was telling me that the row has been moved because of the sort order.

I suspect in the background it has already moved to it’s new position but on the front end it stays where it is until you have finished making changes then it jumps.

It should work like @joffcom describes. If this is happening even without changing values, or does an incorrect sort, please provide us with steps to reproduce this (find a simplest possible example where this happens).

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