Editing column field to have proper "cancel" button

Just a small thing but I think from UX perspective when you edit a field/column type you should have also a proper button to cancel the operation (currently you can click outside of the pop-up to abort but it’s a little unintuitive)
Cancel button or even small “X” mark would be neat!
What do you think?

Also, when you edit/add column and want to select text you’ve typed inside text field (ie for column name or formula) you need to pay attention not to release mouse button outside of the pop-up, otherwise pop-up gets closed and your changes are lost.
Given they previous comment I gave on this thread, I’d say more user friendly would be to have a cancel button there to only abandon operation intentionally

Hello @simplynail :wave:

Thanks for your feedback, that’s are very good suggestions! We strive for having a simple and very intuitive UI/UX, so we will definitely take into account your comments.

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Hey there @simplynail! Great news, we plan to add the ‘cancel’ button in Baserow 1.12. Please use this link to track the progress: Add a cancel button to the field customization menu. (#1020) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

And thank you again for pointing this out :raised_hands:

Great news, looking forward to see it live!

Hello @simplynail, this feature was implemented by our dev @Alex, and now we have a ‘cancel’ button in the field customization menu :grinning:

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Great, thanks for letting me know - great it has been picked up!

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