Editing Forms CSS

I would love to have full control over the css of my forms in basreow. This is where I think you can do something airtable doesn’t do.

Right now it seems to auto-size the logo in the form on upload and their is no way to get past it.

I also really like the way I can list multi-selection & single selection fields in Airtable Forms, whereas in basreow that functionality isn’t quite their yet.

I’d also like to point out that I believe when I host a form on the self hosted version, in the source code it displays the admin email of the deployment.

This to me is a security risk. Anyway to fix?


If you open the source code of that page, my email address can be extracted.

I think allowing additional CSS to the form is a great idea! However, I’m also a bit worried about breaking the custom CSS when we change the HTML/CSS structure of the form. I’ve added an issue on the backlog (Allow adding additional CSS to a publicly shared form (#879) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab), but I want to discuss with the team whether we should implement it.

We currently don’t have a a way of changing the input type for a form field. This is something that we’re going to change for sure in the near future.

Initially it indeed seems like Baserow exposes the email address of the user that created the form, although this only happens when you’re signed in. What happens when you open the publicly shared form link while being signed out, in another browser or via a in-private window? This is caused by nuxt.js transferring the server side rendered state to your browser. When you’re signed in, it contains your user information. If you’re an anonymous visitor, you won’t see any email addresses in the source code.

Hello @Clouted! We’ve been discussing this topic today with the team but we lack some context to make a decision. Can we ask you to share your use case? What do you want to be able to change in the form view using CSS?