Embed Gallery without Customize cards option

The embed of Gallery share view is great but can we switch off Customize cards option?

Hello @Jaymojo, first of all, welcome to Baserow :wave:

Let me discuss with the team if we can/plan to make this optional. I will get back to you as soon as I have some news! Meanwhile, it would be great if you elaborate a bit in detail on what is your use case :raised_hands:

Thank you, for now I wanted to add a product catalog to a website and the Gallery shareview is great but not of the public can customize the gallery.

I’ve not tested if the gallery can have clickable items / URL links
That would also be great to use Gallery to trigger order or mark as favorite

Hello @Jaymojo! One question: do you want to have an option to remove the whole header including filtering and sorting?

In order to have clickable items, you can use the URL field type.

We don’t have any plans to add this functionality, as of now.