Embedding an <iframe> in my baserow form

Hi Everyone,

I am creating a form on baserow and I’d like for one of the attributes to be a map. Using openstreetmaps I can get the iframe HTML element, but where do I put it?

I currently have a table with the fields (Name, Map Pin), and I set Map Pin to be long text field.
How would I go on about making the value of Map Pin to render the map when creating a baserow form?

Hey @01hman, it’s not currently possible, but once we release the app builder (public beta release planned for the end of February or beginning of March), you will be able to build more advanced forms with embedded elements.

Here’s a use case similar to yours, built with Baserow’s app builder during the private beta:

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Hey @olgatrykush , the new feature looks amazing! I’m rolling out a new form soon and I would love to have that map in my form. Do you think we’d be able to use the public beta by next week?

Hey @01hman, the release is scheduled for next week, but there might be some delays and it could potentially be rescheduled for one week later.

This looks fantastic, I am looking forward this feature release, so many possibilities.