Emoji Creating in Formula

Hey There -

I have a simple selection field that has inspected or not inspected in it as a selection. While this works well, I would like to change this to an emoji (green dot for inspected/red dot for not inspected). This way I can look at a record and tell quickly. I know this is done via a formula field and have seen it a few times in the demos. How do I set this up?

Hey @RobMagu, you’re on the right track. This is indeed done with the formula field. What you need to do is write an if-formula like this one:

if(field(‘Status’) = ‘Inspected’, ‘🟢’, ‘🔴’)

Here’s an example from the template Performance reviews:

So, how do I get the emoji symbol in the formula? I can write the formula, but how do I get the ‘green dot’ or whatever emoji I want in the formula?

Hi @RobMagu, you can for example copy and paste them from a website like https://www.getemoji.com/.