EOY Template Updates

Hey, everyone :wave:

Wanted to share some upcoming updates regarding templates as we wrap up the calendar year. As Baserow’s feature set expands, so do our templates. And while I’ll be sharing more in 2022, here are a few highlights surrounding some of the existing templates.

Apartment Hunt

  • Added a multiselect Amenities field to the Buildings table. Because finding an apartment with an in-unit washer/dryer is a game-changer.
  • You can now calculate the price per square meter of a unit using a Formula field. Of course, this can be changed to whatever unit you prefer.
  • Created a Ratings field so that you can document your gut feeling about each unit when you tour.
  • Added some new views to help display data even better.

Recipe Book

  • The Category field in the Dishes table is now multiple select, since it’s possible for a dish to span across more than one category.
  • Cook time is now in minutes, with a formula field that automatically converts the time into hours. Particularly helpful with those more complex dishes for all you chefs out there. :woman_cook::man_cook:
  • Added some new views to help display data even better.
  • Renamed a bunch of ingredients to make them easier to find, as they’re sorted alphabetically. While the naming convention is ultimately up to you, here’s a tip: Name the item something generic, followed by the more specific variation of it. Whether it’s a type, brand, or something else. Here’s an example using cheese:

Commercial Property Management

  • Created a Contacts table. The addition of this table adds a whole new dimension to the template, where you’re now able to create people profiles and link them to the rest of the database. This is particularly useful in identifying who the contacts are for things like signing leases, service requests, emergencies, etc.

We have a bunch of new templates in the works as well, many of which I’ll be able to share after Baserow’s next release.

And as always, if you have ideas for new templates, or have ideas for improving existing templates, we’re all ears. :ear:

Hope everyone’s having a good holiday season, and see you in the new year. :tada: