Error [502] Make automatisations

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An automation between Moosend and Baserow via Make is in place in our community.

Make uses Baserow’s API (from what I understand) and often return the error code [502].

We’ve empirically determined that asking Make to use a “Sleep” of 15s (arbitrary number) before asking anything from Baserow “solves” the issue [502] but this is quite a unconfortable situation.

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The Make automation, sometimes, return an error [502] as shown in the screenshot below.

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How many rows in total do you have in your Baserow tables?

5494 on the 30th of May at 09:51 (GMT +2 - Paris)

For some reason the image didn’t upload, here it is

@frederikdc could you please help here with the Make automation?


It is a bit hard to tell what is going wrong. A 502 error means that something temporary went wrong on the server side. This can have a lot of causes. One of the causes I can think of is that 2 rows are created on more or less the same time. This can also explain why a “Sleep” of 15 seconds solves the issue.

Do you have more information from the Make execution logs where you can detect a pattern?

Hi there Frederik,

Thanks for the quick response.

I’m thinking that Baserow’s response time is linked to the number of operations we ask of it (which would only be logical). Our code is probably unoptimized leading to tons of operations that might overload Baserow’s processing and result in [502] errors.

Yes the Sleep option “solves” the issue but last night it didn’t and we had to rerun it manually. It’s not the end of the world but our architecture needs to be revised now before our database grows even more and everything comes crashing on our heads … Could you (or anyone) take a look remotely ?

(I asked @olgatrykush pretty much the same thing in our other thread about Baserow not being able to keep up with simple operations anymore)