Error: Could not connect to the API server


No matter what I do (including starting over with a clean server), I cannot get beyond the “Could not connect to the API server” error message on the first screen, after trying to submit my registration form.

I have now spent hours trying the various solutions I found in this forum and in one github issue.

I’m trying out the various tools in this space to see which would suit us best. All the other ones installed without any issues…

Would love to try out Baserow, because I think it might suit us best, but this is getting so difficult, I’m about to give up.

Please help.

Thank you kindly.

Hi @db1 ,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Could you please let us know:

  • What exactly you are trying to install Baserow on. The exact specifications would help the most.
  • What exact steps are you trying to follow?
  • How exactly are you trying to access your Baserow server? From a remote computer? Is it running behind a reverse proxy?

Hi @nigel ,

Thanks for getting back to me!

The operating system is: Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS

I’m following your instructions from the official Baserow install page:

Drawing on this, this is how I start the container:

docker run -e BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL=http://localhost \
--name baserow \
-d \
--restart unless-stopped \
-v baserow_data:/baserow/data \
-p 80:80 \
-p 443:443 \

I am trying to access Baserow from a remote computer via a VPN, using a custom hostname simply called ‘crm’ (the custom hostname works, as the initial Baserow page loads fine).

However, maybe the issue is related to the custom host? When I try to open the API url http://crm:8080/api/user/, I get the following error (with debugging on):

# DisallowedHost at /api/user/
Invalid HTTP_HOST header: 'crm:8080'. You may need to add 'crm' to ALLOWED_HOSTS.

Not quite sure what to do… Thank you for any help again!

Hi @db1 you need to change BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL to the url that you visit baserow on in your browser. In this case it should be http://crm:8080/.