Error moving uploaded images from one row to another

I think I found a bug! I had the idea of moving our social media scheduling spreadsheet to Baserow (and putting it on steroids once we go pro and have access to calendar view) - but I had the thought that the easiest workflow would be uploading a bunch of images to a single record, then moving them to the record to which they actually belong, instead of individual per-record uploads.

I tested whether there is a drag and drop function for images, and it lets me do so! I click on an image, I drag, and I see an inviting little “drop here” message. But then after dropping it I get this:

The image I’m trying to drag and drop is a simple JPEG.

Thank you for your attention! :slight_smile:

Hello @IndieSellersGuild, it’s working the same way for me too. Let me check this with the team :ok_hand:

I have some updates for you. Currently, it is not possible to drag and drop files between file field cells. However, we think this is a great idea and will consider it as a feature request. Thank you for bringing this to our attention :raised_hands:

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Excellent, thank you so much!