Error running selfhosted version on LAN

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I downloaded Docker Desktop on Windows 10. It runs many open source softwares without problem. Inside the Docker i searched Baserow/Baserow and downloaded using"pull". My computer has IP . I have 20 other computers on the LAN.

Then i opened Powershell and entered the docker run single line command

docker run -v baserow_data:/baserrow/data -p 80:80 -p 443:443 baserow/baserow

Now i can access the database using http://localhost but when i go to any other computer and try to access it gives me a message that

Backend URL mis-configuration detected

Cannot connect to the backend at http://localhost. You visited Baserow at which indicates you have mis-configured the Baserow BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL or PUBLIC_BACKEND_URL environment variables. Please visit Debugging connection issues // Baserow on how to fix this error.

can any one tell me whats going on and which SINGLE LINE Docker run command can i use to fix this please? How can i access my server on from other LAN computers?

I trialled and found the solution . I will leave it here for anyone looking for single line Docker command with variables. (Multiple lines dockers run commands give error in powershell, if anyone knows how or where to run them please reply)

docker run -v baserow_data:/baserrow/data -e BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL= \ -p 80:80 -p 443:443 baserow/baserow