Exporting csv url

When i use the Baserow hosted version the url will look something like this.


When i use the self hosted version the url looks like this


If i remove this part ?dl=export%20-%20DrugsInfoNL.csv is works.

Or if i remove everything but this


It also works. Any idea why this happens?

I use the xxxxxxxx to hide my url :wink:

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Ah, I see. We’ve recently introduced user file previews. This will allow you to immediately preview PDF, video, audio, etc files in Baserow directly. Because sometimes we want to offer the file as download and sometimes we need it to render inline, we’ve introduced the dl query parameter. If it’s present, the expect the file to be offered as attachment/download. Because you’re not offering the files on the same domain, but rather via an S3 bucket, you need to change some settings.

Does it work if you set the DOWNLOAD_FILE_VIA_XHRenvironment variable to 1? I’m not sure how you self host, so I can’t advice on how to set the environment variable. You must also set the allowed CORS origin to your self hosted URL, so https://YOUR_BASEROW_URL.com. This is probably a setting that you can set in your S3 configuration.

Let me know if it works!

My son made it work :grin: :+1: