Exporting To CSV

Hi, I am trying to export my database to a CSV with multiple Columns

However each time I export, it groups everything into Column A and still separates with spaces

I have tried < tab >, record unit, and other separators but nothing populates in the other Columns of the outputted CSV

What am I doing wrong here?

Hello @Emily,

I’ve just checked and ‘export to CSV file’ works as expected to me. Let me check with the dev team on what could be the potential issue here.

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Hey @Emily, which tool do you use to open the CSV file you export? It will be very helpful if you also share a few screenshots so we can better understand what is going wrong with the export.

Turns out I was simply downloading the exported CSV file & directly opening it in Excel.

I didn’t realise I had to ‘import’ the data in an excel file first

Once I did that, the data transposed correctly into the columns

Thank you for the help!