External request

Hi, I am excited about the application builder and the great job.
I wish to check if I wish to integrate an external application using HTTP requests and also a Webhook listener. I suppose this is part of the roadmap “Data source API call” and “API call action.” If it is so, is there any targeted timeline for it?

I will need to see if this matches the project I have in mind that needs to be built before August this year.


Hey @kalmen, welcome to the Baserow community! :wave:

@jrmi, do we have an approximate timeline for the mentioned features? :eyes:

Hi Kalmen and welcome to the Baserow community,

we currently do not have a definitive timeline established for these features. Our aim is to focus on developing these capabilities within the year, aiming for a mid-year timeframe. However, i’m afraid that ensuring these features are available before August might be a bit optimistic.

I wish I could provide a more precise and certain response, but there are still many uncertainties ahead that can affect the delays. I hope that you will be able to use the application builder for your projects at the earliest opportunity.

Thanks for the update @jrmi . Obviously most people understand that it takes time to to develop features the right way. I finally took the Baserow App Builder for a spin. It seems like a good alternative for data entry and a replacement for something like typeform for dynamic workflows (and typeform has the guts to charge you per form filled out, with the basic plan maxing out at 100 form submissions). Even at this stage, it seems more powerful than what you can do with n8n forms (which to my knowledge, doesn’t allow conditional workflows with multi-step forms).

On the flipsite, Baserow App builder doesn’t currently allow for interactions with the outside world. The implication is that when a user starts a workflow on a baserow app, all the required data must be already present in baserow tables.

For my use case, I need to optionally refresh some data sets by calling an external routine if the user doesn’t find their data in the baserow table. I’m thinking of doing it through an call to an external service which does the refresh, populates the relevant baserow table, then redirects to the to the baserow app. It wouldn’t be completely seamless but workable.

Thanks for the feedbacks @lucw

We really want the app builder to be the glue between external services, so just to confirm, being able to get data from any endpoint and sending data to another endpoint is definively something we want as soon as possible. I hope at that time you won’t have to use an external service :slight_smile: