Extract from Baserow's co-founder session at No-code Summit discussing the plans for 2024 πŸ‘€

No-Code Summit in Paris started yesterday, and our co-founder and CRO, @omaes72, gave a speech about the power of no-code and open-source. We hope to have a full recording to share with you later. But for now, I recorded the most interesting part for you β€” Baserow plans for 2024. This will give you an idea of what to expect from us in the coming year: No-code Summit 2023, Olivier Maes about Baserow plans for 2024. Apologies for the quality; it’s just a screen recording.

:alarm_clock: Today, you can join @bram’s session at 15:00 CEST, which revolves around building scalable databases and apps without coding. If you’re there, set your alarm and secure a front-row seat for the speech.

Reminder: We’re at stand S6! Come hang with us. :blush:

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