Feature Ideas, Please Help

Hello guys,

Baserows user here! I would like to request some feature ideas that I think might be so helpful for us. Please find the details below:

  1. File upload on builder application
  2. Google login on builder application
  3. Default value for single select key in tables

Let me know if you need to clarify these ideas. Thank you guys!


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Can I add for the log in, can we have the option for the email/password to be customised as well. I am using my app with Discord and wanted to use a Discord ID instead of email for logging in, but at the moment we are required to use an email validated field. :slight_smile: (Discord is just a number)

Hey @briankheng, welcome to the Baserow community! :raised_hands:

Noted! I’ll discuss the ideas with the team :ok_hand:

The rationale for requiring an email is to ensure we can communicate with users for purposes such as password resets and other notifications. What are your thoughts on adding a new authentication option that uses Discord as the authentication source?

Totally understand. :+1:, That though would be pretty handy for me, as most of what I am doing interfaces with Discord in some way. I know some people are a little reluctant to have yet another system with an email account tied to it to remember, so having an authenticate with Discord or Google would be handy for sure. Not a super high priority but it would give people a few more authentication options for their users. :green_heart: