Feature Request: Drag-and-Fill Functionality for Baserow Columns

A simple yet powerful usability feature that I’ve grown accustomed to as a user of Google Sheets, Notion, and Airtable is the ability to drag and extend cell values down a column.

This is particularly handy when adding a new column to an existing database and needing to pull down, for example, a ‘status = plan’ for about 300 rows. Without this feature, manually inputting each value can be incredibly tedious.

It would be fantastic to see this functionality implemented in Baserow as well. For clarity, I’ve included a link below to a screencast demonstrating this feature in the interfaces of Airtable and Baserow.


Thanks @Alexander, I’ll discuss the idea with the team. :ok_hand:

It also came up during our training last Tuesday. People that are used to Excel, Notion or Airtable definitely miss this feature.
One person even expressed a clear disappointment and I told her that I would bring it up to you

Thanks for sharing the feedback, @kdnguyen. I’ll discuss it with the team as soon as possible.

Hey @Alexander and @kdnguyen :wave:

We agree that it’s a very useful feature, and we’ll add it to Baserow. Here’s the issue to track the progress: Drag to auto fill (#154) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.