Feature request: Filter configuration to save as preset

Hi again, here is another tip for enhanced functionality to implement into a baserow:
It would be great to be able to save the filter configurations as custom presets. Similar like a views, where I also can create a new view and save it as a preset.
Often I need to reconfigure filter (sometimes with three or even more conditions), which takes time. This would be superuseful.

I also want to ask if there will be in some future releases possible to combine AND and OR when creating a filter conditions.


Hello Marcus, thank you for sharing your idea. We will discuss with the team the request to save filter configurations as presets. :ok_hand:

I also want to ask if there will be in some future releases possible to combine AND and OR when creating filter conditions.

Definitely, this feature is on the roadmap: Condition groups: advanced filtering combining AND & OR (#1271) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

You can always create a view that has all these preset filters on it and then duplicate the view when you create a new view and it will have all the filters/sorts you have applied.

This won’t sync in real time when you change the default view but it would save you some time.

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Yes, that’s true, but intuitively having the filter pretsets belongs to filter, not to views. And secondly, having filter settings presets under filter section would work (they would be available) across all views for the table, independently on how the view is configured (in terms of visible/invisible fields, their sorting etc.). Does it make sense?

Yes. I understand, they would be a permanent filter applied across all views irrespective of the creation time and changes made to the views.

As @olgatrykush mentioned, this will be discussed and introduces in the roadmap if the team decides it’s a feature worth implementing :).

I just wanted to ask, if there are plans to implement the more complex filter functionality, as I mentioned in June. I mean, being able to combine AND and OR filter criteria + multilevel (hierarchical, or better said - nested).

I remember that some time ago I noticed some kind of concept of this functionality, I believe it was even presented here in the community portal by someone from baserow team, with a simple screenshot.

It’s also described here:

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Hey @marcus, regarding this request. After the discussion, we have come to the decision that we should add a feature to copy the view configuration from another view. Users will be able to choose which parts they want to copy:

  • Filters
  • Sorts
  • Colors
  • Field width
  • Hidden fields

We believe that this implementation covers your use case. What do you think?

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Yes, it sounds good. Thank you.
Will this be applicable also between different tables, not just the same table? If yes, then there are some things to solve, like: in source table there are some different data fields (or fields with different names, or both) than in destination table. And some other. I’m just thinking what if…

It will work within one table, so you can only copy view configurations from views within the same table.