Few queries about Automation


I am new to Baserow and I am trying to explore if I can replace Airtable with Baserow for my work.

Currently, I am looking for answers if following can be done in Baserow

  1. Sending emails using automation upon entering a view
  2. I am using Sendgrip App in Airtable to send bulk emails using Airtable database (whats easiest way to do this in Baserow)
  3. Create Invoice in Zoho when a new row is added in Airtable (I am using Make for this)

I checked Baserow’s integration with Zapier, I did not find any Trigger events of Baserow in Zapier. Do I need to use Webhook for that?

Thanks in advance

Hey-hey @pratik!

Thanks for sharing your questions, here are some answers:

This, unfortunately, is currently not possible to do in Baserow. We can’t fire a webhook or trigger another event when a row enters a view.

Baserow doesn’t have a dedicated SendGrid app like Airtable but if it’s possible to import a CSV file that must be sent, then Baserow may fit your needs.

You can use n8n for this case, it’s the workflow automation platform! Try to connect Zoho with Baserow through n8n by setting a Trigger ‘a new row is added’ and Action ‘send an invoice’ (they should be available there). Check out more details on the Zoho CRM in n8n here: Zoho CRM | n8n Docs. Are you familiar with this tool?

Currently, you can create Actions only, very soon Triggers will become available as well :grinning:

Maybe we have someone familiar with SendGrid here in the community, so there may be some better suggestions on how to send bulk emails using SendGrid and Baserow…

Thank you, I heard about n8n but never tried it. I will have at look it and get back to you.

I am really looking for the solution for sending bulk emails from database, not necessary sendgrid, but if you have any other solution, please let me know.


I could not find this trigger in n8n.

Can you please help if I missing something?

Hey @pratik! Oh, you’re right, it indeed seems that n8n doesn’t have a trigger ‘a new row is added’ (what is strange). But there should be a way to set up this automation, maybe it is worth asking on their community how to do this?

By the way, I also found that n8n has a SendGrid integration, so you probably may be able to send bulk emails by using this tool as well. Give it a try, and feel free to share your feedback here with us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will this work if we send the data through webhook to n8n and then email is sent through Gmail?

Since Airtable has inbuilt sendgrid integration, I was using it. If I have to use third-party application, I will directly use Gmail module with Baserow.

Thank you for the answers. I guess I will have to see webhook options of Baserow.

Hey-hey @pratik! Got you, then yes — you should definitely test out the work of webhooks in Baserow before considering/searching for other solutions.

Checking with the team if that is possible (webhooks is the field I’m still learning about), I’ll be back to this question shortly :grinning:

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Thanks @olgatrykush for quick responses.

Hey @pratik,

I will try to help you with this. I hope I have understood what you want but feel free to tell me if I haven’t.

You want to send an email when you add a new row to a Baserow table, right?

I think you don’t need a dedicated Baserow trigger to listen Baserow events, you can use the generic n8n Webhook trigger node.

Select this node:


In the Flow section.

To proceed, in your new workflow:

First create the webhook node and configure it as you want. You may select POST http method (same as the Baserow webhook later)

Copy the URL from the webhook (be careful, there is two URLs, the production and test URL, select the right one, read the n8n documentation regarding this point)


Then go back to Baserow and create a webhook triggered on row creation and select the previously selected URL.

The workflow should look something like this if you use a function node to transform the data sent by Baserow before sending the email using SendGrid (or any other provider):

Don’t forget to activate the workflow so that the webhook can listen and you might need to use n8n with a tunnel to be able to test the n8n webhook in your local environment.

I hope it’ll help.


@jrmi Thanks for the detailed reply. This is what I thought will work. However, the detailed process you gave is going to help me a lot, as I haven’t used n8n before. Thank you again

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