Filter date operator field missing: Date is within number of days or weeks

In Airtable, when you filter by date, there’s a operator that says “is within a number of days”. Unfortunately in Baserow, there is no such operatior as “date is within a number of days”, meaning filter days in the next number of days or weeks rather than at a set fixed date. Please add that into Baserow.

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Hi @mikey186, the next version of Baserow will include “is months ago” and “is years ago” filters that could partially solve your problem (they work similarly to “is within days”). We will discuss in the team whether in fact one more filter as you described would be useful to add now.

Well the good thing is, I was able to have a workaround, by having the filter “is after date” TODAY AND “is before date” next week. Which actually 2 filter operations for DATE field you need to add. It was also in Notion as well which is something that needs to have in Baserow.

  • DATE field is within number of days or weeks
  • DATE field is after today

Hello @mikey186! Thanks for a great suggestion :hugs:

We will add filter types ‘is after today’ and ‘is before today’ in Baserow 1.12, here is the issue: Add new filter types 'is after today' and 'is before today' (#1093) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

Regarding the filter ‘is within X days, weeks or months’, the development of this filter will be a bit more complicated, so we didn’t assign any milestones yet, but you can track the progress here: Add new filter types 'is within X days', 'is within X weeks' and 'is within X months' (#1094) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

Hello @mikey186! Good news:

This one is already implemented together with ‘is before today’ :raised_hands: