Filter does not work

Hi there!
I am new on baserow, which is an amazing product. Nevertherless, I have some troubles with the filter parameters. It just does not work. It is like I am not giving the right parameter, even if I think I am following the documentation.

As you can see, year is not filtered, but I cannot figure out why.

Thanks a lot for any help you can bring,

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Hi @Pierre, welcome to the Baserow community! The downside of the filters in the query parameters right now is that they don’t support the user field names yet. You can only provide them using the field id, so doing &filter__field_X_equal=2014 should work. This is something that we’re going to change short term.


Thanks for your answer @bram, it works now! :smiley:

Here is a screen, so maybe it could help other people to understand what to write to make their request working!

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Glad to hear that it works for you now!