Filter help - date_equals_today

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to structure the date_equals_today filter onto my query. I have tried “&date_equals_today__field_743__boolean=true”, along with various other variations. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hi @AnchorHRG, welcome to the Baserow community! The filters via query parameters follow this structure filter__{field}__{filter}. If you want to use the date_equals_today in combination with field 743, your URL would look like this: In order for Baserow to know what today is for you, you must provide your timezone as value.


Thanks a bunch. That did it for me. I didn’t see anywhere in the documentation where it mentions providing the Time Zone. It makes sense, just never saw it. Is there specific documentation somewhere where that is described?

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Glad to hear that it worked for you! I checked, but this particular scenario is not clear in the documentation, my apologies for that. It should have been visible in the auto generated docs at REST API documentation // Baserow → click your database → scroll to the filters, but currently it’s not. I’ll update it.


Gotcha, thanks again.