Filter Kanban view (including hiding uncategorized)

One usecase I have for Baserow is having multiple teams work on different parts of the same table, so having the ability to apply similar filters on grid views to Kanban views would be incredibly useful. (e.g. only show cards with a boolean field checked, or only show cards with a number field above or below a certain value)

As well, having the Uncategorized value of a Single Select field be locked at the leftmost side of the kanban view, unmovable and unhideable, is a bit distracting. Would love the ability to hide it, or at least move it to the rightmost side.

That makes a lot of sense @peeves, I understand you need that functionality. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time last month to complete everything. We have issues on the backlog for all of these things so you can track the progress there. Not sure if we’re going to be able to finish everything this month though, but we’re doing our best :slight_smile:.

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