Filter workspaces allowing more precise displaying

I have a specific table with these fields :

  • notes from Mr A
  • notes from Mr B
  • date

I want to have 2 coloring of rows following these conditions :

  • if notes from Mr A and notes from Mr B are filled, go green.
  • if (notes from Mr A is empty or notes from Mr B is empty) and date < current_day (ie either A or B forgot to fill its notes) , go red

However, the current implementation allows only condition 1 and condition 2 and condition 3

What would be great is to create filter blocks in which you can assemble with AND or OR between them.

I fell on this issue that seems to be it, but the way the issue is described seems to be more related to another subject of numeric filtering :thinking:

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Hello @dynnammo, thanks for always sharing your ideas, that’s great :raised_hands:

The issue you mentioned is related to filtering, I’m also not sure it can be accepted to row coloring. Let me discuss this request with the team first, I’ll keep you posted.

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Hello @dynnammo, I’ve discussed this request with the team and it’s indeed related to the issue Condition groups: advanced filtering combining AND & OR. This feature has a very high priority, so we’ll start working on it very soon.

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Warm thanks @olgatrykush for the information ! Quite a pleasure to have a Community Manager like you on this software :+1:

Thanks, @dynnammo, it’s our big pleasure to have such involved and caring community members as you. You shared a big bunch of very useful feature requests this year and that’s amazing :hugs:

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