🎚️ Filtering for formula and lookup fields

Hey! I discovered yesterday that there’s no option to set filters for fields with formula and lookup types. This functionality is critical as these field types contain a large amount of data. Generally speaking, if there’s a field, in my opinion, it should have full functionality available, including filters and group by. Airtable for example has no such limits.

Yes, agree. But I think baserow team is working on it.
In fact, right now I tested few of my formula fields and I am able to use them as a filter criteria. but not the lookup field.

But good to hear that! But on this dataset yesterday Baserow - Orders - main view // Baserow non of formula fields were available for filtering.

I guess that it’s may be because of your formula fields work with lined-table or lookup type of field, which are not possible yet to use as a filter.

As @marcus said, that’s in our plans: Lookup Fields/Formulas should be filterable/colorable/aggregatable in the grid view (#676) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

probably, will check)