Filtering Lookup values and lookup the Latest Value

Hi Everyone,

I have two tables. One Entity and another is Forms. For every Entity, we make entries of more than 1 form in Forms table.

In Entity table, I want to look up the latest form filed for this particular entity.

Also, is it possible to filter the look up values? Like in Airtable there is an option to filter the values (Please see images).

It is possible to filter the lookup values, but it currently needs to be done via formula. More details here: Unable to filter on lookup fields? - #12 by nigel

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Thank you. I checked the tread but I am not talking about filtering the resulted data of look up. What I am talking about is filtering the lookup data based on the conditions.

Please see this image works. If I put conditions on the look up, it brings only those data in the look up which satisfies the conditions.

Do we have workaround for this?

@pratik you can use the filter function to do this. For example make a formula field will the following formula (Iā€™m assuming the Form field is a single select field and so you need to use totext to get its text value for comparison).

    lookup('Forms', 'Financial Year'), 
    totext(lookup('Forms', 'Form')) = 'Form ADT-1'