Filtering → Unique values


Is there any possibility to get only unique values from selected column?

I have a case where i have dynamic filtering from baserow on my frontend where user can select filtering options to see data. Problem is that user don’t know what is in table (100k+ rows).
I need to build a dropdown where user can see unique values from selected column with search option to see if there is such data he wants or he need to get a quote to prepare data.

Hi @rafuru,

Just a regular user writing - the team may give a better answer.

To my best knowledge, right now this feature has not been implemented. Please describe it in a feature request as it may be a feature more people want.

Temporarily, you may reduce the list to unique values using the standard method of the language in which the dropdown is written.

We have a new endpoint which can be used to get the unique values for a column, see the docs for it here: get_database_field_unique_row_values. Hopefully in the future we can easily use this existing endpoint for a feature, however a details feature request showing exactly how you’d like it to work would help as I don’t think we have any UX planned for this yet .