Filters and include simultaneously possible?

Greetings Baserow community,

Newbie Baserow developer here. I could of course be missing something here but I can’t seem to find a way to filter out a specific row with a specific field in the response from the API. From the docs it seems to be something that should be possible by using filter to filter out the row and using include to return only that specific column in the response. My REST API request looks like this:{“filter_type”:“AND”,“filters”:[{“type”:“equal”,“field”:“year”,“value”:“2023”}],“groups”:[]}

In my table, year is the first column with different year values, then there’s weeks and in this example I use week-45 to try and return. Running this request result in the following error:

“detail”: “The field None was not found in the table.”

I guess it should be said that this seems to work when running only the filter by itself, or the include, but not at the same time.

Any advice is very appreciated, thanks :pray:t2:

Just to clarify how the structure is made up and what I’m after, this specific “cell” of data.

Thank you

Hey @ArtMooney ,

It’s impossible to combine include and filters query parameters simultaneously.
What I suggest is to retrieve the data using either “include” or “filters” and access the required parameter by its key in the same place where you are utilizing it.

Hi AlexP,

Ok thank you, I just needed to know if it was possible for the sake of optimization.