Find bar (Quick search) - enhancement request

Just a tip for a find bar (quick search = loupe at the top right corner) function:
would it be possible to quit (clear the text and escape) from it by simply pressing the Esc on the keyboard? Even better would be first Esc tapping > will clear the text and another Esc tapping will quit the search bar. This small enhancement can make this function much more comfortable and really quick.

And btw. CTRL+F or CTRL+G shortcut does not work in Firefox. Both shortcuts just make a standard Firefox search bar to pop up.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I see that in Keyboard shortcuts docs, there is the Esc key usage mentioned to close the find bar. But I tried (manually opened the find bar), and Esc key does not work to close it in Firefox.

EDIT2: I tried Chrome browser, and CTRL+F or CTRL+G shortcuts as well as Esc for quit don’t work either. Again, standard Chrome search box will pop up, which does not work for finding the text which is contained in the table, but not visible on actual screen displayed. Please test it.

Hi @marcus,

Ctrl + F shortcut is going to work in the next release of Baserow. It will open search on any screen you are at based on the context.

However there is not anything yet planned regarding clearing the search or going back from it.

Great, thanks.
Will also the Esc key work?

If it doesn’t already then no